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You can even make your own...

Brilliant Features

Here's what makes Word Magic awesome

  • Educational

    Word Magic is for learning - word searches are a great way to become familiar with complex words. Read about our innovative system below.

  • No ads

    We don't think people should be bombarded with adverts or have to make micro payments to play an app, especially children. So we haven't included any in Word Magic.

  • Challenging

    Kids won't be able to get all the stars in the app until they actually learn the words they are looking for, so you can be sure they will want to learn them :)

  • Pure & Simple

    Word Magic is easy to pick up and get started. Word search puzzles have been around for decades, we've just brought them into the 21st century.

  • Gorgeous Design

    We don't like using apps that don't look good, and neither do kids. We've spent loads of time perfecting the visuals in Word Magic, without resorting to making it look childish.

  • Making Learning Fun

    Who says learning can't be fun? Word Magic is a fun way to teach anyone new words - not just children!

Making it fun to learn

So, there are loads of apps that claim to make learning 'fun' and 'exciting', and some actually manage to do this. What makes Word Magic special is that is goes back to the basics, and improves on them. Kids have been solving word search puzzles for years, and there has been lots of research done about how they help children learn. Just take a look at these articles:
How word searches reveal our brain’s relationship with language
Why Puzzles Are Good For Kids

The key to the learning power of Word Magic is word repetition. Players can't get 3 stars on our puzzles unless they really familiarise themselves with the words they are looking for - and since we've specially selected all of our words, this is perfect for teaching. The word descriptions help hammer home the understanding, because once you know a word and understand what it means, you are very unlikely to forget it.

We also have images accompanying each of our words, which helps kids retain the word in their minds and makes it easier to recall. We'd love for you to get in touch if you have any suggestions or want to help out :)

  • 60+

    Puzzles Made

  • 1100+


  • 13000+

    Words Found

  • 6000+

    Words Learnt

Make your own

We've made Word Magic super customisable, so you can create your own levels for everyone to play.
We can even make you your own app, which can be published to the iOS App Store and Google Play!

Here's some examples of awesome word searches made by others:

  • Hinduism made by Shirish Shah for his temple
  • My Community by Anonymous
  • French words made by Jane McCormack for her children
  • Judaism by Anonymous

  • Standard

    • Choose your words
    • Custom styling & images
    • Custom branding
    • Open inside Word Magic
    • Upload to App Store
    • Upload to Google Play
  • Gold

    £99.99 single pucharse
    • Choose your words
    • Custom styling & images
    • Custom branding
    • Publish to App Store
    • Publish to Google Play
    • 6 months of bug fixes
    • Feature updates
    • Support
  • Most popular


    £9.99 per month
    • Choose your words
    • Custom styling & images
    • Custom branding
    • Publish to App Store
    • Publish to Google Play
    • Unlimited bug fixes
    • Unlimited feature updates
    • Support

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